About us

AB OVO mission

The mission AB OVO LINGERIE is to search for the connection between the female beauty and her own body. We celebrate the beauty of women in all sizes and in every age. We hand pick the lingerie which is comfortable and beautiful in the same time. In our portfolio we have many brands for all type of customers. We take a pride in the fact that our products are comfortable and feminine. We help our customers choosing the perfect fit by educating them what's good for their body type and breast size.

AB OVO - there are all kinds of breasts

As a lingerie distributor we take a pride in detailed costumer care. Our customers are both companies and individual clients. We search for a products perfect for women in all sizes and every body shape. We hope to find a perfect fit for all of them.


As a ambassadors of comfortable lingerie we take professional lingerie fitting very serious. We know that all the Women are different and need to be treated individually. Out team helps our customers find the right fit personalized for them. That's why we carefully choose the brands that we work with. Each of them specializes in something else we need for our customers. That is what makes our portfolio special.